31 december 2012

Goodbye 2012

As I have only recently started this blog, I cannot yet do a recap of the last year. But I didn't want to leave you all hanging around without my wishes for 2013. Party hard tonight and see you all next year!


Aangezien ik nog niet zo lang geleden gestart ben met deze blog, zou het pas idioot zijn om nu al een terugblik te doen van het voorbije jaar. Maar ik wou jullie niet aan jullie lot overlaten. Feest de pannen van het dak deze avond/nacht en ik zie jullie allemaal volgend jaar terug!

24 december 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas - Vrolijk kerstfeest

22 december 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it ..

Well, it seems that we survived Doomsday 2012. This can mean only one thing; it's time for me to sign off this weekend en enjoy the coming holidays. Don't spend too much time on the computer, as Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year (ha!) and you should spend it with the people you love.

Hope you all receive nice presents (let me know which ones!) and don't stuff yourself too much with all that food :) Have fun!

Blijkbaar hebben we allemaal het einde van de wereld overleefd! Dit kan enkel 1 ding betekenen; tijd om de boeken te sluiten en te genieten van de komende vakantie. Zit niet teveel achter die computer, want Kerstmis is een magische periode die je moet spenderen met de mensen die je het liefst ziet.

Ik hoop dat jullie allemaal vele cadeautjes (laat me weten welke!) en prop jezelf niet vol met al dat eten. Geniet ervan!

21 december 2012

Home of Justine and Angus

This clever decorated house is the home of Justine and Angus in Toronto. While he's cooking and she's working in fashion, they also have great taste in interior. Although, I have to admit they got a little help from a friend decorator. Sneak a peek and enjoy!

17 december 2012

In my giftbox: ceramic ghosts

These little ceramic Ghosts by Anders Arhøj & Louise Gaarmann are just too adorable. Paint eyes on something and a little creature is born! These would definitely go into one of my giftboxes.

"Based on the ideas of the Japanese Shinto religion believing that everything in nature has a soul – a mountain rock, a plant, a pebble on the beach – Anders ArhøjLouise Gaarmann designed a wide range of ceramic figures and blew life into them. The small Ghosts inhabit your living space and are useful for many things – paper weights, door stoppers, toys, wedding ring holders, kitchen talismans or as company on a lonely night with no friends around to talk to. Each Ghost is unique, hand thrown in earthenware, hand glazed, hand decorated and low-fired in the kiln three times."

photography: Kristina Demant

16 december 2012

Les Carnets Parisiens

For this Sunday-evening I would like to direct you all to one of my favorite foodblogs: Les Carnets Parisiens. Make sure you've eaten before visiting this French blog as it has the best styled photography which makes me want to jump right into the picture and eat it all. Even if your French is non-existant, please head over for the pictures only. This really makes me consider to pick-up my camera again!

Parigote (the writer's nickname) even has an Etsy-shop where's selling her selfmade porcelain (see below): Asleep from Day. See you there!

12 december 2012

Now also on Bloglovin!


Everybody check your calendar as today is a special day!
 12.12.12. is the last repetitive date we we'll ever see  ... except if you have plans to live another 100 years!
I wonder how many weddings are being held and how many babies are being born to this day. 

12.12.12 is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. What's happening around the world today?What are you doing or have you done on this special day?
Leave a comment and share with us your 12.12.12 day!

Check je agenda want vandaag is een bijzondere dag.
12.12.12 is de laatste repetitieve datum die we ooit nog zullen zien .. behalve als je plannen hebt om nog een 100tal jaar lang te leven. Ik vraag me af hoeveel huwelijken en geboortes er vandaag zullen plaatsvinden.

Het is in ieder geval een unieke gebeurtenis. Heb jij iets speciaals gedaan op deze speciale dag? 
Laat een reactie achter en vertel!

9 december 2012

5 december 2012

Natural & industrial

Stylist and photographer Daniella Wittе 's home is wonderful and very inspiring, just like everything that Daniella does. She doesn't use a very rich color palette in her interior, but she has chosen black, gray and white wisely in a way to enhance the feeling of comfort and softness. When you add the natural texture of wood, quality textiles and an industrial touch along the way, you will have an interesting home. More to see here.