30 mei 2014

Billy Baldwin

27 mei 2014

Amazing teenage room

Need to suprise your teenage kid or cousin? Want them to never leave their room again? I know just how ...
Zoek je nog iets om de tiener in huis te verrassen? Wil je dat ze hun kamer nooit meer uitkomen? Ik denk dat ik al weet hoe ...

25 mei 2014

Contemporary attic 'Ouverture'

Michael Feuerroth is a media artist specialized in architectural visualization and architectural photography (a mouth full!). He created below renderings of a beautiful attic. If I had this space in my house, I'd never leave my attic! To get in the technical details of these pictures, read this article. Very interesting how this was composed! Can you see the difference between photos and renderings?

Michael Feuerroth is een mediakunstenaar, gespecialiseerd in architecturale visualisatie en fotografie (een hele mondvol!). Hij maakte onderstaande renderings van een moderne zolderkamer. Moest ik zo'n zolderkamer hebben, dan zag je me nooit meer beneden! Hoe hij dit precies heeft gecreeerd, kan je in dit artikel lezen. Best interessant! Kan jij het verschil zien tussen een foto en renderings?

24 mei 2014

How to fall in love again

Deze blog verscheen eerder al op Flinders.be – this post (in Dutch) has also been published on Flinders.be
I’m sure everybody knows this feeling; you buy or rent a house or apartment. You move in and all you see are the new and nice aspects of your new place . After a while, you get to know your house inside and out and regrets about that paintjob or furniture choice come running in. Therefore, a few tips to fall in love again, without any big renovations, with your own little palace.
1. Color

Do not underestimate the impact of color. A new paintjob can relive a whole space! Keep in mind to choose smart and stay away from heavy and dark colors if your space isn’t that big. The latest trend colors are inspired by nature, soft as pastels and of course the Scandinavian influence of white. If you pick one of those, not a lot can go wrong. Or paint only a part of your wall in a certain color. Color blocking remains fun!


I you hate painting, you can always consider wallpaper? Try some fun geometric patterns!

If your budget is a little low, or you don’t want to spend it all on your walls, you can also freshen up a cabinet or some other furniture. A perfect way if you’re tired of that old table or cupboard, you thrifted or adopted from your parents. Do not hesitate to use some bright colors and use your ‘new’ furniture as a showstopper. Washitape can also be a perfect (temporary) solution for this.

2. Cleaning and storing
A clean house is always a little cozier, than a house where you have to shift through piles of clothes or magazines to find a spot on the couch. Invest in a few fun, graphical boxes or storagebins as storage solutions.

3. Redecorate

This step is easy! Move all your stuff to one side and refill your space without thinking about the previous layout. As much as possible, give your furniture a new place, add new combinations, buy a few new accessories if needed and you’ll have a brand new interior without spending too much money!

4. Green

#1 mistake! One of the things that are most lacking in an interior. Plants. Greenery of any kind. A bit of green here, a bit of green over there, a small tree or some fresh flowers in a vase can refresh your interior in a second. 


If you really have black instead of green thumbs, why not invest in some cacti or succulents which you only have to water once in a while.Perfect solution!

5. Outside

Do not ignore your garden or balcony. If your entire interior has been freshened up by the above tips and you’re looking out to a sad and ugly outside area, you could as well saved yourself the effort! 

Look at your outside room as an actual extra room! Clean up, remove the weed and buy some new garden furniture or accessories in fresh colors for the summer which is lurking behind the corner.

If you have followed all these things, it’s time to start enjoying your space. I hope they were helpful and please share you before-and-after-pictures! And keep in mind, interior design is no science, so follow your gut and your own taste! Have fun while doing it!

21 mei 2014

Yay or nay: watercolor wallpaper

Ik zag ze al verschillende keren passeren op diverse plaatsen, maar nog geen echt interieur gezien waar dit werd toegepast. Wat denken jullie? Heeft dit aquarel effect op grote schaal? Zouden jullie dit toepassen thuis?

I saw these pictures passing by on a few sites already, but still haven't seen a real interior where they applied this wallpaper or effect. What do you think? Do you like the watercolor-effect on a big scale? Would you apply it in your own home?

via, via & via

15 mei 2014

DIY: Partition wall

Wat vinden jullie van deze creatieve manier om een kamer in te delen? Dit koppel gebruikte lege plastic kratten om een lichte, maar stevige scheidingsmuur te creëren met massa's opbergruimte. Goedkoop, praktisch en het ziet er nog goed uit ook, op de koop toe. Alle aspecten voor een geslaagde DIY!

What do you think of this creative and easy way to divide your room in two parts? This couple used empty plastic crates to create a light, but sturdy partition wall with lots of storage possibilities. Cheap, practical and eyecandy. All the aspects of a good DIY!

13 mei 2014

Living the loft life in Lille

Another great loft in Lille (FR). It seems I'll have to pass more time over the border, the French know what they're doing ..
Opnieuw een mooie loft in Rijsel (FR). Ik zal wat meer tijd over die grens beginnen spenderen, die Fransen hebben er precies verstand van ..

7 mei 2014


I really have to keep myself from booking a room at the Wythe Hotel
The front alone has sold me already.

5 mei 2014

Industrial loft in Lille

Ik was zo geïnspireerd toen ik onderstaande foto's, van de industriële loft van Fanny en Pascal, voor het eerst zag. Ze hebben een oude wafelfabriek gerenoveerd naar een warm nestje. Met respect voor het verleden hebben ze de fabriek een loftstijl gegeven, maar met behoud van de originele elementen zoals de betonvloer en de grote ramen (jaloers!). Ik zie zoveel ideeën die je gemakkelijk in je eigen huis kan toepassen. En ze wonen in Rijsel (FR), amper 20 minuutjes van waar ik woon .. oh jaloezie!

I was so inspired upon seeing the below pictures from the industrial loft from Fanny and Pascal. They rebuilt this little factory into a warm and inviting home. They have knocked out all of the past, but preserved the original spirit of the building by keeping the concrete floor and the old windows(!). I spot so many ideas you can apply in your own home! And they live in Lille (FR), which is only 20 minutes from my place .. oh I'm jealous!

1 mei 2014

Minimal home office

I don't know if it's really appropriate to post this today, but let's celebrate 1st of May with this minimal DIY home office!
Hangt er van af hoe je het bekijkt of je dit vandaag gepast vindt of niet, maar ik ben helemaal gek op dit minimalistisch bureau! Ideaal voor 1 mei dus!