8 januari 2014

Ferm Living S/S 2014

WELL, THAT WAS GREAT! Work was closed for Christmas holiday, so I was home for 2 weeks. I decided not to feel obliged to do anything, but relax. No obligations on professional side and no obligations for the blog and man, did it feel great!

Anyway, there is nothing I love more than a fresh beginning and a clean slate.
(resolutions are so 2013 ...)

2014, Bring it on!

And what better way to start 2014 with the new collection of Ferm Living. They announced their new collection today and as a big fan I had to check it out! Lots of brass, copper, wood, paper, geometric patterns and soft colors. In other words, something for everybody's taste!
Check out the full catalogue here.

Next to all the new textiles, my favorite items of next season are the plant stand and the organizer. Something to add on the wishlist!

Photos: Ferm Living

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