24 november 2013

Casa Sanchia

Wow, and suddenly a weekend has passed. A weekend where I obliged myself on Wednesday to blog, take pictures of my home, work on the blog etc .. Instead, we went to the Efteling, did some late night shopping in Breda (Netherlands) and stayed in a wonderful B&B, did some shopping in Lille in the meantime (France) and started to prepare the 'party' we're giving next Sunday for our son's baptism. 

Anyway, I do not have to make excuses ... it only made me realize that i need to start working with a blog schedule. So I don't feel the urge all weekend to work on my blog and feel guilty on sundayevening because I haven't done anything ... 
Do you have any tips how to cope with work/social life and blogging? Do you work with a schedule?

Anyway, a little bit of eyecandy right from Casa Sanchia, a beautiful holiday home in Dwarskersbos, South Africa.

1 opmerking:

  1. Die zetels zijn zalig!

    Ah ja, het 'ik moet bloggen, ik moet bloggen, oeps weer een week voorbij' gevoel, story of my life! Ik zie het gewoon als een hobby, ik blog wanneer ik wil/tijd heb/foto's heb ;) maar inderdaad scheduling is wel een goeie optie, doe ik ook wel vaak!